Our Projects

UEFA EURO 2020 – Video presentations

UEFA EURO 2020 – Video presentations

As part of EURO 2020, UEFA has set up training modules for the various teams responsible for the smooth running of the event. In order to present these e-learning modules and the face-to-face training that completed them, we produced 33 short videos in which each...

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UEFA EURO 2020- Service Excellence

UEFA EURO 2020- Service Excellence

For EURO 2020, UEFA lauched a series of digital learning modules for multiple teams in charge of the well-proceedings of the event.

We designed the service excellence module as a game, putting the participants in situations in which they have to pick the best reaction. Each success results in winning points in different values promoted by UEFA.

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ISU Online Learning

ISU Online Learning

To open up to the world, to keep a connection between us, what is better than online learning ?

In today’s global environment: businesses, federations and schools are turning to e-learning solutions to continue to massively disseminate knowledge and keep people connected.

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Our Clients

At Future Learning, answering to your needs will be our priority.

Co-construction, relevance, effectiveness and creativity are the values that sustain us. Your project and your expectations are at the heart of our concerns.

Renowned for the quality of our work, proud of our responsiveness and our ability to innovate, we constantly strive to exceed our limits.

Thanks to the experience of our team and using the proven techniques, we can offer innovative and creative solutions that suit you. The diversity of our customers has allowed us to develop an expertise that we put at your disposal to achieve your goals.

Your trust, such as those before you, is our guarantee of quality!

Our Skills


At Future Learning we create and develop e-learning solutions. Our team research puts learners in situations that offer playful and interactive content. Our creative process modules combine the principles of learning (ADDIE model), high-end graphics and the use of new technologies incorporating video.


Whether for Internet, intranet or extranet sites, our web centre is dedicated to the development of online applications (sites, dynamic modules, animations). We ensure the design, graphics, and development of solutions such as Learning Management System (LMS), platforms for sharing knowledge, promotional or community sites, and extranets.


Scenarios, production, post-production, we handle all stages of filmmaking with our developers, our editing studio and our production team.
We specialize in films that involve transferring and encouraging knowledge sharing through web documentaries, instructional videos etc.

Our Agency

Future Learning is a digital agency specialized in knowledge transfer and multimedia products. It develops solutions of e-learning, website, apps, knowledge management, social networking, promotional videos and multimedia presentations.

Future Learning head-quarters are based in Grenoble, France.

The company has since grown into a professional organization of close to 10 people who combine a polyvalent, multi-disciplinary approach with a strict project methodology.

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